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Graph Computing (GC) 2020


Graphs are widely used to model complex data nowadays: social networks, recommendation engines, computer networks, bio-informatics, to name a few. Graph theory has traditionally been a core area of research in computer science and artificial intelligence. With the growing number of applications and amount of data, Graph Computing addresses the storage, analysis, synthesis, and processing of (possibly large) graphs to solve complex problems in industry applications. 

Graph Computing 2020 (GC 2020) is an international forum for academia and industries to exchange visions and ideas in the state of the art and practice of Graph Computing, as well as to identify the emerging topics and define the future of Graph Computing.

TOPICS OF INTEREST​​ include, but are not limited to:

  • Graph algorithms for industry applications

  • Fundamentals of graph computing including storage of graphs, graph databases,  query languages, query optimization, integrity and security, graph OLAP, graph mining, graph learning, graph reduction, and graph visualization.

  • Knowledge graphs

  • Network analysis

  • Big graph analytics

  • Integration and platforms

Graph Computing 2020 Co-Chairs

Joseph Barr, Trust Science, USA
Alexandra Brintrup, University of Cambridge, UK
Gregory Gutin, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Peter Shaw, Massey University, New Zealand​

Program Committee

Gagan Agrawal, The Ohio State University, USA
Antonio Badia, University of Louisville, USA
Elisa Bertino, Purdue University, USA  
Martin Berzins, University of Utah, USA
Alan Blair, The University of New South Wales, AUstralia
David Blumenthal, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Burcin Bozkaya, Sabanci University, Turkey
Alessandro Canossa, Northeastern University, USA
Edward Chang, HTC, Taiwan  
Lijun Chang, University of New South Wales, Australia
Lin-Ching Chang, the Catholic University of America, USA
Nitesh Chawla, University of Notre Dame, USA  
Keke Chen, Wright State University, USA
Shu-Ching Chen, Florida International University, USA 
Malolan Chetlur, IBM, India
Kenneth Chiu, Binghamton University, USA
Edward Curry, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Alfredo Cuzzocrea, ICAR-CNR and University of Calabria, Italy
Mehdi Dadfarnia, NIST, USA
Magdalini Eirinaki, San Jose State University, USA
Sameh Elnikety, Microsoft Research, USA  
Wayne Goddard, Clemson University, USA
Clemens Grelck, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Bingsheng He, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Vagelis Hristidis, UC Riverside, USA
Jimmy Huang, York University, Canada
Hai Jin, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
David Kaeli, Northeastern University, USA
Panos Kalnis, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Vana Kalogeraki, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
Verena Kantere, University of Ottawa, Canada
Panagiotis Karras, Aarhus University, Demark
George Karypis, University of Minnesota, USA
Alexander Kotov, Wayne State University, USA
Eren Kursun, Columbia University, USA
Alberto Laender, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Chuan Lei, IBM Research-Almaden, USA
Lipyeow Lim, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Jay Lofstead, Sandia National Laboratories, USA  
Daniele Magazzeni, King's College London, UK
Amirreza Masoumzadeh, SUNY at Albany, USA
Dimitrios Nikolopoulos, Queen's University Belfast, UK 
Mauricio Alejandro Gómez Morales, Kyung Hee University, Korea
Salvatore Orlando, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Italy
Tamer Ozsu, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara, Romania
Evaggelia Pitoura, University of Ioannina, Greece
Seyedamin Pouriyeh, University of Georgia, USA
Gyan Ranjan, Symantec, USA 
Paolo Romano, Lisbon University/INESC-ID, Spain
Aki-Hiro Sato, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan
Weidong Shi, University of Houston, USA
Koichi Shirahata, Fujitsu, Japan
Rekha Singhal, TCS, USA
Srivathsan Srinivasagopalan, AT&T Cybersecurity, USA
Matthew Taylor, Washington State University, USA
Hanghang Tong, Arizona State University, USA
Dimitrios Tsoumakos, Ionian University, Greece
Carlos Varela, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA    
Liqiang Wang, University of Central Florida, USA
Jianwu Wang, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
Shuliang Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Ka-Chun Wong, City University of Hong Kong, China
Lingfei Wu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
Yinglong Xia, Huawei Research America, USA  
Feng Yan, College of William and Mary, USA
Jian Yang, Macquarie University, Australia  
Weikuan Yu, Florida State University, USA
Kunpeng  Zhang, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Ming Zhao, Arizona State University, USA
Guangyou Zhou, Central China Normal University, China
Nianjun (Joe) Zhou, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
Feida Zhu, Singapore Management University, Singapore
Hill Zhu, Florida Atlantic University, USA

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